Northern Lights Bluegrass And Old Time Music Society Jam


Northern Lights Bluegrass And Old Time Music Society Jam

Join the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Time Music Society for their jam sessions! Find out more about the jams here.

The following bluegrass jam sessions in Regina will be held from 1:00 pm – 3:00pm:

April 7 - Artesian

April 21 - Eastview Community Centre

May 5 - Artesian

June 5 - Artesian

June 23 - Artesian

July 7 - Artesian

July 21 - Artesian

Sept 8 - Artesian

Sept 22 - Artesian

Nov 24 - Artesian

Dec 1 - Artesian

Dec 15 - Artesian

How It Works

Most of us play by ear, and we encourage new players to learn how to play, and to learn new tunes, that way.

If you do need music that’s OK but please put your stand where it won’t be in the way.
Recognize that (a) you may not always hear the tune name before it starts, and (b) the group won’t be waiting for you to find the page.
Choosing and Starting Tunes: Each person takes a turn naming a tune to be played, in deference to banjo players who need to retune, it is preferably in the current key  .The tune list will have a guide as to the key.

-Whoever chooses the tune will start it off (setting the tempo, which we’re then supposed to maintain) — or may ask someone else to start it.

-It’s also helpful to set the tempo by starting with a couple of measures of “potatoes” (shuffle bowing on fiddle) or strumming to lead into the tune.

Stopping: Whoever chose the tune should always indicate when to stop.

-This is usually done by raising a foot as we approach the end of the tune (preferably part-way through the last part of the tune, a few measures before we are to stop).

-Calling out “one more time” or “last time” at the start of the last time can help too, especially if you can’t raise your foot, or it can’t easily be seen by the group.