Jake and the Kid, The Moon Runners, ka lok


Jake and the Kid, The Moon Runners, ka lok


Jake and the Kid, The Moon Runners, Ka Lok

Doors at 7:00 PM, Show 8:00 PM
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Come out and celebrate Jake and the Kid's 2023 Saskatchewan Music Award win for 'Album of the Year' with a special release show. They will be releasing a new deluxe version of the winning album, Baby Bro. Joining them are The Moon Runners and ka lok. It'll be a fun night of local music! 

Show Details:
Jake and the Kid, The Moon Runners, ka lok
Date: Friday, April 5th, 2024
Doors: 7:00PM
Show: 8:00PM
Tickets: $25.00 in advance online or in person at Paper Umbrella (2724 13th Avenue), or $30.00 at the door

*Advance tickets close at 5:00 PM day-of-show. Additional tickets will be available at the door unless it is officially labelled SOLD OUT*

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About Jake and the Kid:

Jake and the Kid is a seven-piece band from Regina, Saskatchewan that combines influences of indie-folk, shoegaze, alternative rock, and psychedelia. Formed in 2020, the band initially started as a small jazz and experimental ensemble. At this time, the band comprised bassist Jakob Bjornson, guitarist Joe Roussel, and saxophonist and vocalist Sam Stawarz. This group of musicians had been playing together since they were fourteen, along with their producer John Glanville. The group found that as they matured and discovered more artists of varying styles, they were inspired to create indie music that also incorporated their previously established ideas about experimentation and jazz improvisation. The band recorded and self-produced their first project, entitled Boy’s Lullaby, over one week in October 2020, a project which attempted to incorporate many ideas the band had at the time in order to find their sound. Later additions included trumpeter Levi Brown, drummer Vynz Hipolito, and trombonist Nathan Syrnick, creating a full horn section. Their next album, entitled Baby Bro, came out on February 22, 2023. This project touches upon themes of growing up and loss through a mixture of jazz, indie-folk, and shoegaze with lo-fi recording techniques and production, and was a step up from their previous project. This project was recorded and produced by the band and mastered by Chris Dimas. Baby Bro was the recipient of the prestigious Album of the Year award at the annual 2023 SaskMusic awards, garnering the band approval from the Saskatchewan music community to which they were largely unknown only a year prior. The band has a lot of involvement in a variety of music scenes throughout the community, many of its members participate in the University of Regina’s Wind ensemble and Jazz 1 ensemble. The group consists of three music education students, one of which is pursuing a master's degree, and two music performance students, one of which is a Regina Symphony Orchestra alumnus. All the bands' members are always looking for opportunities to sit in and perform with other bands and expand their skill sets.

About The Moon Runners:
The Moon Runners are an enchanting progressive emo band residing on Treaty 4 Territory. They combine complex and glitchy rhythms, frantic guitar, and impassioned, shouted melodic vocals. They are known for their intricate sound design, laser-focused delivery, and chaotic, silly demeanour. They are enigmatic, sometimes cowboys, sometimes not.

The band is comprised of Stacy Tinant, vocalist and guitarist, Brett Tinant, drummer, and Logan Amon, guitarist. The explosive urgency of their performance is unforgettable. Melancholic, angsty, yet tongue-in-cheek. Nothing is too serious.

Their 2019 release, Wakeless 2095, saw them nominated for an SMA, and WCMA. Wakeless 2095 is an episodic concept album that features reflective songs and observations of the human experience. The album follows the story of a character who awakens in a dream-like utopia, later discovering they're actually asleep and trapped inside their own dream. The songs detail not only their experiences while within the dream, but also the conflicting feelings they have towards their waking life. Ultimately, they must decide whether to live in the fantasy or embrace reality. Overall, Wakeless 2095 is a story of dealing with the complexities of relationships, mental illness, and strength in the face of adversity.

Their latest single, “sleep_in_the_swamp”, is entirely independently produced. It is a dizzying, glitchy, colourful piece about the nightmare of our current life under late stage capitalism, white supremacy, and a blanket of indifference and lethargy. The end is here. The horrors are inescapable.

Death to bro culture. No more bro bands. All people are welcome, and if you have a problem with that, we don’t want you.
About ka lok:
ka lok is the solo project of Saskatchewan based artist, Dalton Lam. This project was birthed during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. ka lok released his first single, Opium Boy, in
September, 2022. It was featured on Plastic Mag. “Blending powerful drums, soaring lead vocal lines and a driving arrangement of brass, violins and synthesizers, with “Opium Boy”, ka lok drops an angsty and charged sound that serves to demonstrate his talents as a songwriter and performer. Full of punching rhythm, ka lok’s debut single offers a compelling sound of cinematic alternative pop on this worthy debut effort that builds excitement around his new solo artist adventure.” - Plastic Mag
ka lok released his second single, Heavy Villainy on July 7th. 2023.