Holophon Drone Ensemble / Winterruption 2023


Holophon Drone Ensemble / Winterruption 2023

Please be advised that this event is subject to our current COVID-19 policies, which are available at www.artesianon13th.ca/pages/covid-safety. The policies on that page are our most up-to-date policies and are in effect regardless of provincial restrictions.

The Artesian is wheelchair accessible, all-ages, and a proud supporter of positive spaces initiatives with a zero-tolerance policy towards hate, harassment, and/or discrimination. We reserve the right to remove any patron creating an unsafe environment. The accessible entrance is available via a lift, Please ask staff for help if necessary.

(((((((((winter drones))))))))))) 

Where: Artesian   

When: Saturday, January 28th, 2023. 1-4pm. 

What: Join us for a free drone music event featuring members of the holophon organizing collective! 

Audio drones will be presented in quadrophonic sound!  

Bring a blanket or pillow and immerse yourself in the drooooooooooones. 

About Holophon Drone Ensemble:

Holophon Drone Ensemble is a performance group composed of the members of Holophon Audio Arts, an audio/sound art outreach group located in Treaty 4 territory in Regina. Holophon Drone Ensemble creates ambient atmospheres suitable for such activities as soundbaths, yoga, and anything else requiring a relaxed sonic atmosphere.