CVAF: Regina Word Up Slam Featuring Fabrice Koffy

The Artesian

CVAF: Regina Word Up Slam Featuring Fabrice Koffy

Regina Word Up Poetry Slam at the Cathedral Village Arts Fest
Location: Artesian on 13th (2627 13th Ave, Regina, SK, Treaty 4)
Date: Thursday, May 22/19
Price: Free
All Ages
Elevator Available
All-gendered washroom on site

Fabrice Koffy English Biography:

Originally from the Ivory Coast, Fabrice Koffy settled in Montreal in 1998 to continue his university studies. It is here that he began to express himself as an artist and joined the famous collective, Kalmunity Vibe, with which he has collaborated for several years. In 2006, he met guitarist Guillaume Soucy. A complicity set in and from this prolific union has come a series of shows and the album Poésic, published in 2009 and selected by the Festival Vue sur la Relève and the FrancoFolies de Montréal. In 2016, he received the Coup de coeur awards from Ici Musique, Diversité artistique Montréal and La Vitrine culturelle, at the 6th edition of the Vitrine des musiques locales métissées, presented by Vision Diversité. His urban poetry tells us about life through stories where the human being plays the main role.

Fabrice Koffy French biographie:

Originaire de Côte d'Ivoire, il s'établit en 1998 à Montréal afin de poursuivre ses études universitaires. C'est ici qu'il commence à s'exprimer en tant qu'artiste et rejoint le célèbre collectif Kalmunity Vibe, avec lequel il collabore pendant plusieurs années. C'est en 2006 qu'il fait la rencontre du guitariste Guillaume Soucy. Une complicité s'installe et de cette prolifique union naissent une série de spectacles et l'album Poésic, paru en 2009 et sélectionné par le Festival Vue sur la Relève et les FrancoFolies de Montréal. C'est en 2016 qu'il reçoit les Prix Coup de coeur d'Ici Musique, de Diversité artistique Montréal et de La Vitrine culturelle, lors de la 6e édition de la Vitrine des musiques locales métissées, présentée par Vision Diversité. Sa poésie urbaine nous parle de la vie, à travers des histoires où l'être humain tient le rôle principale.

Thank you to our featured performer for their work and dedication. It's deeply appreciated.


Schedule of Events
7:30pm Doors Open, Sign Up for the Poetry Slam begins - max of 12 performers
8-10pm Two round Poetry Slam and Fabrice Koffy performance



A poetry slam is a dialogue between audience and performer. It is a competitive event wherein spoken word artists share their work in a high-spirited, fast-paced environment to an often uproarious crowd.

Slammers should come prepared with two original (that is, your own) pieces of less than 3 minutes and 10 seconds each. No props, no nudity, no hate speech. Sign-up starts at the door at 7:30pm, with a maximum of 12 competing poets -- first come, first served!

Five judges will be chosen at random from the audience. Each judge will provide a score between 1-10 for each poem, of the five scores, the high and low will be dropped leaving a total score out of 30. The judges will judge the poem and performance but not the poet or appearance.

Audience members, come prepared with snapping fingers and a good pair of lungs.


If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, supporting, collaborating or have ideas that may benefit Regina Word Up and the development of our spoken word communities, please contact the Creative City Centre at


At the Creative City Centre we always strive for inclusivity and respect in the community both inside and out of our facility, which is why we have compiled the following guidelines to remember both for our events and also in everyday life.

• We encourage respecting the way folks self identify, without assuming gender, sexuality, orientation, religion, or ability.
• We understand that at times folks may need to leave or engage in other methods of self-care, and that’s okay. If we can keep ourselves safe, we can encourage safe and healthy communities.
• We encourage the availability of gender-neutral washrooms for all guests.
• We encourage language that promotes inclusivity, education, and awareness and dislike all forms of explicit ignorance including, but not limited to, hate speech, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism.
• We encourage the culture of consent meaning we respect people’s physical, verbal, and emotional boundaries. This means respecting that some people might not want to be hugged and if you want to engage physically in any way with a person it is important to ask permission before doing so.

Regina Word Up would like to extend a deep thank you to our partners and funders. Without this support, this programming would not be possible.

Regina Word Up is a program of the Creative City Centre. Thanks to the Department of Canadian Heritage for the support of this program. Thanks to the Cathedral Village Arts Fest for their continued support of the literary arts in Regina. The Creative City Centre's funder's are the Saskatchewan Arts Board, City of Regina, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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