CVAF 2024 - Wednesday, May 22nd


CVAF 2024 - Wednesday, May 22nd

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival one of Regina’s largest festivals, spanning an entire week and hosting dozens of performances and outdoor events that entertain crowds upwards of 40,000 people. Every Festival show is 100% FREE! So please join us for this celebration of creativity, community and the arts!

Check out CVAF's website by heading here!

CVAF events at the Artesian on Wednesday, May 22nd:


Past Shadows, Present Shades - 6pm

A play by Taiwo Afolabi sharing stories of young African families as they navigate the system in their new Canadian home. This performance is staged by the University of Regina’s Centre for the Socially Engaged.

A Scandal In Bohemia - 7:30pm

The Regina Irregulars return with a new radio-play adaptation of the first Sherlock Holmes short story to appear in the Strand Magazine. It would be a crime to miss this show!

CJTR Presents The Queen City Improvement Bureau & Friends - 9pm

The boys from bureaucracy’s basement (Aidan Morgan and Paul Dechene) have escaped City Hall to bring their meetings to the people! Join the QCIB live on stage as they file reports, make recommendations and dig into the deranged details of civic life.

The Artesian is wheelchair accessible, all-ages, and a proud supporter of positive spaces initiatives with a zero-tolerance policy towards hate, harassment, and/or discrimination. We reserve the right to remove any patron creating an unsafe environment. The accessible entrance is available via a lift, Please ask staff for help if necessary.