CVAF 2024 - Thursday, May 23rd


CVAF 2024 - Thursday, May 23rd

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival one of Regina’s largest festivals, spanning an entire week and hosting dozens of performances and outdoor events that entertain crowds upwards of 40,000 people. Every Festival show is 100% FREE! So please join us for this celebration of creativity, community and the arts!

Check out CVAF's website by heading here!

CVAF events at the Artesian on Thursday, May 23rd:

“Tended with Care” - 5pm

Exhibition by U of Regina student artists from Fifth Parallel Gallery, with a reception.

Regina Folk Festival Presents - 8pm to midnight

A night of music curated by and supporting the Folk Fest. Catch  ka lok, Kyrie Kristmanson, and Wishbook.

The Artesian is wheelchair accessible, all-ages, and a proud supporter of positive spaces initiatives with a zero-tolerance policy towards hate, harassment, and/or discrimination. We reserve the right to remove any patron creating an unsafe environment. The accessible entrance is available via a lift, Please ask staff for help if necessary.