Dear Friend of the Artesian,

If we haven’t met yet, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dana Rempel, and I'm the Managing Director of Artesian Performing Arts. I’d like to share a little bit of my story and why I believe the Artesian is a vital part of Regina’s artistic community and how you can lend support.

Donation Campaign

I started getting involved at the Artesian first as a patron of live performances and then later as a performing musician and technician. It has always felt like a very special venue to me – from my earliest experiences which include concerts by Andy Shauf or Belle Plaine, to running sound for events like Red Hot Riot or Cathedral Village Arts Fest and performing on the Artesian stage with my band Bears in Hazenmore. As I drew closer tied to the venue, it became very clear how the Artesian isn’t just a special place – it’s an important place. Experiences in this venue can be entertaining but they can also be so much more. They can be cathartic, inspiring, transformative, or even life-changing.

Donation CampaignIn 2016 the organization shifted from a private business to Artesian Performing Arts, a registered not-for-profit organization and charity. Operating as a non-for-profit and charity allows us to more readily support performing arts and community connection here in Regina. The Artesian is unlike any other space in the city with a unique atmosphere of positivity, safety, accessibility, and of course, exceptional artistic and cultural experiences.

Our goal is to expand our programming of high-quality work and to make an even larger impact in our community. Soon, you’ll see us bring music into schools – cultivating new appreciation for art and music in young people. You’ll see us at other events supporting our cultural partners within the city, province, and beyond. You’ll see our doors opened more often – specifically to those who need culture and art the most.

But we can’t do this without you. Here are some ways you can support the Artesian:

- Engage with us on social media.
- Tell a friend about us. Better yet, bring a friend!
- Buy a ticket to a show or event.
Rent our space.
Contact us for sponsorship opportunities.
Make a donation today or sign up to be a monthly donor.

Every little bit helps. Click here to donate now.

I truly believe that the Artesian is one of the things that makes Regina a great city. Together, let’s make sure it is an integral part of our community – where art and culture can be created and presented, where our stories can be told, and our community can change and grow.


Donation Campaign



Dana Rempel