Artesian on 13th


Rosie & the Riveters

We are so excited to have Rosie & the Riveters returning to the Artesian stage on Saturday, May 12th 2018! They'll be out supporting their latest release, Ms. Behave, and we're the exclusive Regina stop. If you were here for their Good Clean Fun tour, you know this'll be a great show (and, that tickets will sell out fast...).

On May 12th, we'll Open the Doors & Lounge at 6PM, the Show's at 7PM. Tickets are $30 in Advance or $35 at the Door.

Rosie & the Riveters never planned to get political. But opening a newspaper or watching the news these days made it impossible to see the status of women around the world and stay silent. The result is Ms. Behave – a collection of gritty, sultry, vintage-inspired folk anthems that paint a portrait of a woman’s voice in a man’s world.

The band wrote over 40 songs in a cabin in Northern Saskatchewan before traveling to Toronto to collaborate with heavy-hitting Canadian songwriters like Royal Wood and Matthew Barber. A quick read through song titles like “Gotta Get Paid”, “Let’em Talk” and “I Wanna Be King” gives an idea of what they have to say. While their single, “Ms. Behave” lays down a Bill-Withers-inspired groove and rejects the policing of women’s behavior, “I Believe You” sprung from the outrage and sorrow they felt after hearing the recent avalanche of stories of sexual assault. Produced by Joshua Van Tassel (Sarah, Slean, Rose Cousins, Great Lake Swimmers), their sophomore album echoes Aretha Franklin’s demand for R-E-S-P-E-C-T.