Artesian on 13th


Sean McCann

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Séan McCann to the Artesian stage on Thursday, May 3rd 2018. Traveling with his latest solo album, "You Know I Love You", this is a wonderful opportunity to see one of Canada's great singer/songwriter's in an intimate and heartfelt setting.

We'll open the Doors and Lounge at 7PM, the Concert will start at 8PM. Tickets are $30 (including all taxes and ticket fees).

Séan’s love for Newfoundland and Labrador folk songs shot him to international fame as a founding member of the renowned group Great Big Sea. After millions of albums sold, countless hit songs, and record breaking tours around the world, Séan realized that his 20 years with the band had to stop. Music is meant to connect, heal, and bring happiness. While Séan was giving that to thousands of people a night he was slowly losing his own way. Instead of seeking truth he was hiding behind his music. This was unfair to both himself and his fans so he left the band and started over.

Séan’s journey to find his own peace, love, and happiness continues through his new music. “You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs sung by a man intent on sharing his joy directly with you. 

Produced once again by Joel Plaskett, and with an original piece of artwork per song by singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith, Séan is trying to find a balance somewhere between analogue and Tinder in a world where the connection we all want can’t seem to keep up with technology. Love and music... maybe the hippies were on to something.