Artesian on 13th


La Raquette à claquette, Rayannah, and Lord Byrun

The Regina Folk Festival returns with their 3rd Winterruption Festival! Come in out of the cold!

La Raquette à claquettes Like a refreshing prairie thunderstorm, this Regina-based group washes over you with lightning-fast fiddle tunes, a heavy fall of four-part harmonies, gales of tall tales and a splash of bluegrass. La Raquette à claquettes will leave you drenched with their French Canadian roots and feeling cleansed by their joie de vivre.

Rayannah's singular voice rises in layers, creating music from scratch. Running vocals through loop pedals, the bilingual artist bends noise into music and draws listeners into her world. Her EP, Boxcar Lullabies, blends her melodies with the indelible sounds of delicate strings, distorted whispers, pulled-apart pianos, passing trains, and a choir of double basses. Live, Rayannah recreates these soundscapes by looping her voice, breath, synths, and percussion. Her finely-honed lyrics in French and English ring above dense sonic textures, drawing from her experiences both dark and sweet.

Lord Byrun Continuing in the bardic tradition, Lord Byrun cherishes and champions the inherent power of songs. Cutting his teeth as a member of Indigo Joseph, he is constantly working his craft by observing, learning and questioning. Having begun as a wordsmith, over the past 10 years he has slowly studied and taught himself guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drums. Not claiming any virtuosity, he attests that curiosity and a sincere pleasure in playing and learning drive his musical quest. Known for his profound lyrics and intense deliveries, this student of the song holds it as his personal tenant to strive for excellence as a performer and composer. In partnership with Le Conseil culturel fransaskois