Artesian on 13th


Tom Wilson, Mariel Buckley, and Belle Plaine

The Regina Folk Festival is back with their 3rd Winterruption Festival! Come in out of the cold!

Tom Wilson/Lee Harvey Osmond, is a Canadian music legend, famed storyteller, and visual artist. With over 40 years under his belt, his extensive career and tireless efforts as a musician has bestowed upon him numerous nominations and awards from the Hamilton Music Awards to the Polaris Prize to the Juno Awards, including certified gold and platinum records from his work with popular rock band Junkhouse. Tom Wilson's songwriting has seen his works recorded by and with artists such as; Sarah McLachlan, City and Colour, Jason Isbell, Colin James, Lucinda Williams, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mavis Staples, The Rankin Family, as well as his own bands Junkhouse, and Canadian treasure, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

Mariel Buckley Few performers combine the lyrical heartfelt authenticity of classic country music with a steely-eyed intensity that compels an audience’s attention like Calgary, Alberta’s Mariel Buckley. Currently post-production with producer Leeroy Stagger for her sophomore recording "Driving In The Dark", the pair delved into edgier, Americana tones with heavier feel and arrangements that perfectly demonstrate Buckley’s skills as a songwriter and performer.

Belle Plaine is a singer, a songwriter and an inventive musician who was raised on the Canadian prairies near the hamlet of Fosston, Saskatchewan – population: 54. The ingenuity, lonesome yearning and collaborative work ethic of country life have infiltrated her songwriting, her sound, and her methods. Belle’s reverence for artists who defy categorization has led her to create a brand of roots music that combines vintage blues and swing tones of the 1940s with classic country styles made popular in the heyday of the Grand Ole Opry.