Artesian on 13th


Collective Comm(union) ft. Brenna Bote

The Consciousness Collective presents Collective Comm(union)

Sunday, January 28th at 7PM

Church. Synagogue. Mosque. Temple. The holy sanctuaries that gave many of us the starting point in our quest for spirituality. Have you found that as you've grown older these places of worships don't necessarily resonate with you? And, if they do, have you ever wanted to connect with a broader spectrum of spirit junkies? This is where we found ourselves; stuck between organized religion and wanting to celebrate spirituality.

This monthly event will offer something a little different each month, but you can expect to be immersed in meditation, awoken conversation, community speakers, sharing your soul and playing with spirituality in a supportive, sacred space. This isn't your regular Sunday service. Meet you at the altar.