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Hitchhikers: Queen City Improv Festival

INTRODUCING THE QUEEN CITY IMPROV FESTIVAL! Presented by Hitchhikers Improv, July 20th to 22nd.

Get ready for an improv festival like you’ve never seen in Regina before! The QCIF will feature improvisers from all over Canada and right here at home. Curious what you’re in for? Check out the set list below!


DIRECTOR’S CUT Three directors, each with a team of three that they help lead through a full story of their/or the audiences choosing. Whatever the director says GOs!

GUN SMOKE A directed action movie using lights/audio and costumes to tell the story of a lonesome hero who goes against the odds to do what needs to be done. FOR JUSTICE!


HOSTAGE One performer is locked inside of a room with props and improvises for 40 minutes, streamed live onto a projector on stage. At any moment that the performers need inspiration they will open up the projector to reveal whatever the Hostage is performing. The Hostage has no idea when they’re being watched.

LITTLE MOUNTAIN IMPROV A hilarious group of improvisors all the way from Van City. You’re in for a treat with this talented bunch!


THE TRYING TIMES OF DANIEL GORODETSKY A great friend and improviser from Toronto is flying in and will be going through a quest all on his own. It’s going to be a riot!

LGBTQ ARMANDO A classic Armando set fuelled by our LGBTQ performers. The set is created by having true to life monologues inspire scene work!

PLUS a Late Show at 10PM featuring B*Rude Comedy.

Tickets are $10/Show, or pick up a Festival Pass for just $30.