Artesian on 13th


LAUNCH Youth Performance Festival

LAUNCH is an opportunity for Saskatchewan arts organizations working with youth to come together in the spirit of collaboration, education, and exposure. Here is a place where artistic and educational models can be shared; communities and audiences brought together; and young artists shown the creative potential that exists in collaboration and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

The Artesian, in the heart of the historic Cathedral neighbourhood, will serve as home to these energetic, bright new pieces of theatre and media.

GTS Evolution I Ensemble presents: Classrooms This group, an exceptional team of young, driven artists, has put together a series of classroom scenes that explore some of the highs and lows of 'classroom life'.

GTS Evolution II Ensemble presents: Strange Skies We dove into the world of an island: a group of vastly diverse people, much like the ensemble, balancing individual drives and dreams to find a common direction. We devised a story about hope, community, and what may lie beyond the horizon.

Globe Theatre School Scripted Ensemble presents: Scratch by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman In solving, decoding, and inspecting every speck of ink in a script, the actor finds their way. We chose a script, we found our way, and now, we welcome you to walk along the path that we discovered.

Saskatchewan Filmpool presents: Cine-class Each student contributed to all phases of production in creating these projects where characters were hiding something from each other and what might occur in the light of discovering the truth.

The LAUNCH Festival would not be possible without the continued support of Artesian Presents, FadaDance, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, and our technician, Mitch Doll.

From April 26-30, the Youth Companies from FadaDance and Globe Theatre will perform as a part of LAUNCH @ Globe.